Dr. Joshua Pate

Dr. Joshua Pate
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New South Wales (NSW)
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Joshua W. Pate, PhD, is a senior lecturer in physiotherapy, a senior physiotherapist, and pain science children’s book author of Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks. His research focus is on a child’s concept of pain; the way that pain’s definition/purposes/mechanisms are understood.

Josh is fascinated by how re-conceptualizing pain according to contemporary science may change the way pain is treated. As part of his PhD he developed the Concept of Pain Inventory (COPI) and he is now working on developing and testing educational resources, particularly in schools.

Josh worked with TED-Ed to make two online animations with millions of views, he co-founded a pain science interview platform (‘One Thing’), and he is now a children’s book author of five books about pain.

Josh dreams of generational conceptual and behaviour change regarding the complexity of pain.

What if kids learnt about the amazing science of pain at school?!

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