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Welcome to the CKT Speakers Agency website, where we connect Australia’s best children’s authors, illustrators, and storytellers with young audiences. As a part of the industry-renowned brand, Creative Kids Tales, we are committed to promoting literacy and inspiring the next generation of readers and writers.

Our speakers are experienced professionals who can captivate children and adults alike at various events, including schools, preschools, libraries, festivals, and conferences across Australia. With a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, our speakers bring creativity and passion to their presentations, engaging young minds and sparking their imaginations.

Whether you are looking for an author to lead a writing workshop, an illustrator to inspire young artists, or a storyteller to captivate your audience, we invite you to explore our site and find the perfect match for your next literary event.

Thank you for choosing the CKT Speakers Agency to help bring the magic of literature to your community.

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