Tamara Haque

Tamara Haque
Home State:
New South Wales (NSW)
Engagement with Asia | Inclusion | Racism
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Presentations | Talks | Workshops
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Tamara Haque is Bangladeshi by birth and Australian by naturalisation. She grew up in the year-round summers of Saudi Arabia. Her love of books started when she was still in nappies thanks to her bookworm father.

Referred to as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) Tamara consistently tried to pay homage to all her homes and identities. Her Masters in International Relations and International Law opened up her eyes to the effects of colonisation, post-colonial theory, and orientalism.

Never seeing Muslim or South Asians in books growing up, Tamara dreamt of writing children’s books with characters that looked like her, her family, and diverse group of friends.

During the pandemic, Tamara decided to materialize her childhood dream and wrote Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes, which won two indie book awards in its first year.

Since then Tamara has been on a quest to help decolonise and diversify bookshelves, research inspiring stories of Muslim women and men from history, revive and celebrate these stories with the world, and share diverse literature with the world to nurture understanding and friendship.

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