Jeffery Doherty

Jeffery Doherty
Artist | Author | Illustrator | Storyteller
Home State:
Queensland (QLD)
Bullying | Disability | Illustrators | Inclusion | Indigenous perspectives | NAIDOC Week
Presentation Format(s):
Talks | Workshops
Audience Type(s): Primary Age | Secondary Age
Visit Type(s): In Person | Online

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Jeffery E Doherty makes up stuff, he’s arty and a bit of a nerd, well quite a big nerd. He loves to read, write, illustrate, and review books and stories for children.

He is the author of Pager Magic, and the junior fantasy series, The Guardians of St. Giles as well as illustrating The Adventures of Teddy and Karl, a collection of bedtime stories for children. He loves to read and write stories with a little magic in them.

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