James Knight

James Knight
Author | Motivational Speaker | Storyteller
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New South Wales (NSW)
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Masterclass | Presentations | Professional Development | Talks | Workshops
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Author, journalist, TV reporter, traveller (to some pretty far-flung places), slow marathon runner and poor cricketer who tries very hard. Originally a country boy (and still one at heart) whose dad was a mixed practice vet (yes, I have a stable-full of animal stories!), and whose mother is a poet and painter.

I have been lucky enough to travel the world finding and telling stories. From volunteer work in Ethiopia to running a marathon in New York two months after 9-11, I have never stopped learning. I am a people person who loves listening to and learning from others.

Professionally, I have toured with the Australian cricket team as a television reporter (have worked for all three commercial Australian networks), worked at Olympic Games, written books about refugees, mountain climbers, social workers, and other interesting types.

In 2021, I collaborated with a colleague in India to publish a book of writings by children from 11 countries, and in 2022 I will launch a global resource-based education site, ‘Crack-A-Story’ for kids all over the world.

Also, have recently finished A Master of Education (Specialisation: Contemporary Literacy).

When I visit schools, I am driven by the desire to make writing and storytelling fun and engaging for all children, and I encourage them to find their own voices by exploring the world around them. Plus, also the dad of a 10 year-old boy who is my greatest teacher. He’s awesome!

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