Dani Vee

Dani Vee
Author | Motivational Speaker
Home State:
New South Wales (NSW)
Inclusion | Protected Animals
Presentation Format(s):
Masterclass | Presentations | Professional Development | Talks | Workshops
Audience Type(s): Adults | Childcare | Librarians | Parents | Pre-School Age | Primary Age | Teachers
Visit Type(s): In Person | Online

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Dani Vee writes laugh out loud books with heart to instill a love of reading in children. An experienced English Head Teacher, she understands how to engage students in their learning by making workshops fun and interactive.

Dani is also the host of the hugely popular Words and Nerds podcast where she chats to authors of all genres about their work.

She also works for Larrikin House organising literary festivals and being generally enthusiastic about everything.

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